Collaboration with the Universidad de Tarapacá (Chile)

Program: AECI, PCI bilateral aid projects

Dates: 2010

Reference: B/025438/09

Coordinator: Belén Ballesteros


The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To progress in developing an interinstitutional agreement between the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED, Spain) and the Universidad de Tarapacá (Chile), that will make it possible to turn the proposal for the Euro-Latin American Masters in Intercultural Education into a Joint Inter-university Degree.
  2. To train the teaching teams that participate in the Masters degree in the methodologies specific to distance education and, particularly, in the use of the online learning platform aLF, designed by the UNED for the offical Masters courses 


The tasks proposed for working toward these objectives are the following:

·       Management of the agreement between the two universities to implement the degree as an interinstitutional degree. It will be necessary to review the requirements that the Masters must fulfill to become an inter-university degree, negotiate the opportune adaptations, and establish the specific cooperation agreement between the UNED and the Universidad de Tarapacá.

·       Training in the administration of the online aLF platform used to teach the Masters degree. To achieve this, the students will be asked to attend the in-person courses for managing and using the platform organized by the University Institute of Distance Education (IUED) of the UNED.

The timeline planned for carrying out these tasks is the following:

·       January-February 2010: review documentation about establishing cooperation agreements and development of a joint degree.

·       March 2010: first meeting in Madrid with the Vice-Rector of Institutional Relations in order to create the agreement.

·       April-May 2010: adapt the Masters.

·       June: first meeting in Arica with the Vice-Rectorate of Development for studying and signing the cooperation agreement in Arica.

·       Juy 2010: Sign agreement at the UNED.

·       September 2010: second meeting in Madrid. Attendance at the in-person course given by the IUED for training in the administration of the online platform aLF.

·       October-November 2010: development of the online practical exercises for managing the platform and online training, for all the professors participating in the Masters.

                December 2010: second meeting in Arica. Final decisions. Project closed