Diploma in Social Education

The course Pedagogy of Diversity is part of the program of the Diploma in Social Education (degree being phased out). The professors are Teresa Aguado and Rosario Jiménez Frías.

The objectives of the course are:

·       To help build a personal theory of education for diversity.

·       To perform in a fitting way in the different fields the course deals with.

·       To carry out in-depth theoretical and practical work on the basic concepts of the pedagogy of diversity from a critical perspective and with an understanding of the social variables.

·       To understand and use the terminology used in the discipline with precision.

·       To broaden and update knowledge in the areas of responsibility, based on active participation.

·       To make social action more dynamic, both in its everyday performance and in its projection with individuals, families, and community.

·       To gain an in-depth knowledge of the contents of the course and their application.

·       To up-date personal study and research habits, allowing the student to continue and intensify her training.

This course is not available after course 2010-11.