Other documents

Glosario de Educación Intercultural (Glossary of intercultural education), edited by FETE-UGT

We do not intend to answer all possible questions with this glossary, or to reflect all the nuances of the terminology most commonly used in discourses on diversity related to education. There are numerous and exhaustive publications in this area for those who want to study the social phenomena of the beginning of the 21st century in greater depth.
Our objective is simply to offer a clear view, committed to the social changes that the school should be involved in, and to propose a small guide of concepts to think about, a guide that will help educational agents to have a shared terminology, based on shared values.

Teresa Aguado and Patricia Mata have participated in defining the terms for thisGlosario de Educación Intercultural 

The full Glossary can be downloaded here (Zip, 6,6Mb)

Manual Digital de Ciudadanía Global (Digital Manual of Global Citizenship), edited by the NGO of Development Federation of the Community of Madrid - FONGDCAM

Citizenship is not an a priori endowment of the human being, but rather a historical conquest, as are the rights associated with it. It is, thus, a concept that must continually be reconstructed and endowed with meaning and significance. In today’s socipolitical scene, it is necessary to reformulate this concept, considering its multiple dimensions. In this digital manual of FONGDCAM, some keys are given for the debate on the concept of citizenship and some dimensions where it has a place.

The Manual Digital de Ciudadanía Global was coordinated by Teresa Aguado and Patricia Mata, with the participation of other members of the INTER Group.