Doctorate in Education

The INTER Group participates in the Doctoral Program in Education, taught by the Faculty of Education of the UNED.

Research line 4. Intercultural studies in education

Topics: The intercultural approach in educational practice. Racism and educacion. Social participation: how we learn it, how we practice it. Plurilingualism in intercultural education. Learning mediated by new technologies and e-mentoring. Anthropology of kinship and family. Urban anthropology (spacial renewal and new social practices in the cities). Participation and community action. Cultural, linguistic and religious diversity. Social mediation in socio-educational contexts.

Pre-registration from June 10 to July 12, 2019. More info here.

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Registration from October 14 to November 15, 2019.

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Doctorate (becoming extint)

The INTER Group participates in the Doctoral Program DIVERSITY AND EQUALITY IN EDUCATION, taught by the Dept. MIDE I at the Faculty of Education of the UNED.

Coordinator of the Doctoral Program: Belén Ballesteros Velázquez

The program will analyze issues derived from the articulation of two key concepts in education: diversity and equality. The diversity of individuals and groups is the focus of pedagogical reflection and equal opportunity is understood to be an objective of any educational action that cannot be renounced. Human diversity is seen as a dynamic construct, belonging to all human groups, and is distinguishable from differences understood as unchangeable labels for classifying and creating hierarchies. Equality is a principle that must be pursued both in educational institutions and relations and in our own interpretation of social reality. Equal opportunity is understood to be equality of options for accessing and obtaining benefits from the available socioeducational resources. This involves adopting in-depth changes that affect all the dimensions of educational practice. Some of these dimensions are analyzed in the different courses and research work that make up this program.

The lines of research developed in the program are:

·       The intercultural approach in education.

·       Racism and education.

·       Cultural diversity and school efficacy.

·       Social mediation in the school environment.

·       Identity and diversity.

·       Professional and life trajectories according to gender.

·       Educational research in specific contexts.

·       Historical anthropology.

·       Communication processes in the educational medium.

·       Democratic citizenship and education.

·       Inclusive schools in inclusive societies.

More information: (2011-2012 program)

Important: This doctoral program is on the road to becoming extinct. More info in UNED website