Coordinator: Margarita del Olmo Pintado

Project financed by the Ministry of Education and Science. R+D Program.

Reference: HUM2006-03511/FILO

Duration: 2006-2009

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The objective of the project is to study the process of immigrant children’s arrival in and adaptation to schools in the Community of Madrid: what their needs are, their difficulties, the needs and difficulties their teachers face, and what school centers do to facilitate this process.

The work will focus on different schools, public and state-assisted primary and secondary schools in the Community of Madrid. We are especially interested in seeing how students’ relations with their classmates influence this process of adaptation, both in class and in their free time. To this end, we will carry out a series of combined ethnographic fieldwork in the “Linking Classrooms.” The Linking Classrooms are part of a program called “Welcome Schools” started by the Community of Madrid in the year 2002 to receive immigrant children and facilitate their adaptation process. 

Finally, we would like to compare what happens in the Community of Madrid with what is done in other places. Thanks to the participation of two project members who work outside of Spain, we will have the opportunity to frame our analysis in a comparative perspective that will allow us to include the cases of the United States and Austria, two countries with a longer and older tradition and experience in the process of incorporating foreign schoolchildren.


Navreme Knowledge development. KEG (Austria)

Bernd Baumgartl

Universidad Complutense. Faculty of Education

Caridad Hernández Sánchez

UNED. Faculty of Philosophy. Dept. of Anthopology

Traude Müllauer-Seichter


Margarita del Olmo Pintado (coord.)
Matilde Fernández Montes

University of North Texas (Estados Unidos)

Alicia Re Cruz