INTER Group is proposed as a space for reflection and research on cultural diversity and education. In social contexts where we live, where cultural diversity is evident, the intercultural approach proposes the objective of reaching valuable educational achievement for all and all, such as the construction of identity, the development of intercultural skills and equal educational opportunities.

Our starting point is to put cultural diversity as a focus for all educational thinking and consider that such diversity, far from being an exception, is the norm in any educational situation. Our activities are aimed, first, to review key concepts in education, such as culture, diversity, equal opportunity, quality and equity, citizenship and participation. At the same time, to conceptualize and develop the intercultural approach in both its theoretical and its practical implications. Our aim is therefore to investigate about what it is and how to conduct intercultural education.

When teaching, we aim to raise awareness around these issues and propose courses of action in formal (compulsory education) and non-formal education (social education, volunteerism, social mediation).