Official Master Degree in Intercultural Education

The Euro-Latin American Master’s Degree in Intercultural Education is the result of a cooperation project, in the framework of the ALFA Program (2007/2009), between European and Latin-American higher education institutions.
A permanent dialogue has been maintained among the project members to design a postgraduate program addressed to train researchers and professionals that are able to adopt an intercultural approach in research and educative practice, both in the European and Latin-American context.

The Master’s program intends to train professionals and researchers that are capable of projecting an intercultural
approach in the social and educative sphere. More specifically, we aim at:

  • Understanding the opportunities brought by diversity in benefit of society and learning to face its challenges.
  • Providing elements to analyze the structure of social inequality that is legitimized through difference.
  • Critically reflect on intercultural education as a strategy for the treatment of conflict.
  • Building and applying knowledge through an international network for the exchange of intercultural experiences.
  • Developing attitudes, abilities and skills for intercultural communication, including communication of knowledge and arguments.
  • Developing skills for independent and cooperative learning.
  • Using new technologies as a tool to promote exchange.

The Master’s degree offers two itineraries:

  • Intinerary of “Intercultural Studies”, oriented to research training in this field.
  • Intinerary of “Intercultular Education in Practice”, with a professionalizing character

What distinguishes us?

• Program in collaboration with Latin-American and European institutions
• All courses can be taken either in English or Spanish
• Virtual learning modes and on-site seminars
• Flexibility and wide optionality
• Two possible itineraries: research-focused and profession-focused

This Master is directed by Patricia Mata since 2018-19. Previously the coordinador was Teresa Aguado. Duration: 2 years, 90 ECTS credits

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