Psychology and Performing Arts

Scientifics and professional perspectives

September 16, 17 and 18, 2021
Facultad de Psicología de la UNED



Performing Arts and Psychology have a relationship that can be mutually enriching: Art as a tool that can contribute to the improvement of psychological interventions and Psychology as an aid to the expressive, technical, and personal enhancement of the artist.

This congress is open to both Psychology professionals as well as to artists (creators, performers, directors, teachers...) of any of the so-called Performing Arts (cinema, theater, dance, music, circus...). We intend to offer a space for exchange and growth that helps to improve all the participants.

The congress will take place at the Department of Psychology of the UNED, but face-to-face participation will be restricted to some speakers and a small number of congressmen (depending on the Health situation), so most participants will attend virtually, using our university's own resources (see methodology).



Four registration modalities have been foreseen: a) General registration, b) Reduced registration fee for members of collaborating associations and institutions (see list), c) Super-reduced price for students (conservatories, schools, universities...) and d) Free for students and ex-students of the UNED Psychology and Music Program. In addition, 50 scholarships (fully paid scholarships) have been planned for UNED undergraduate or graduate students (more information).
a - General: € 200

b - Reduced registration fee: € 100

c - Super-reduced price: € 80

d - Free: € 0 

All registrations paid before July 31, 2021 will have a 50% reduction on the established price.

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People registered in this congress, regardless of the type of registration (general, reduced, super-reduced or free) will have access to all scheduled activities. This access will be both, live and delayed, which allows attendance at all activities, even if they have occurred simultaneously.

They will also be able to receive the credentials to access all digital materials (abstract book, documentation offered by the speakers ...). Those who can prove their attendance, through the established procedures, will receive the participation diploma (20 hours) digitally signed.



Conferences, symposia, free communications, workshops, performances...

The congress is open to the participation of researchers and professionals who want to share their research and professional experiences.

Proposals must be related to the thematic lines of the congress and reflect the relationship between Psychology and Performing Arts. Both scientific works (preferably empirical studies) and reports of professional experiences (for example, Psychological Support Programs applied to the Performing Arts, use of artistic techniques in Applied Psychology...) will be accepted.

Send us your proposals before July 31, 2021..



Various types of activities will be developed, some simultaneously. Since the format of this Congress is virtual, the registered people will have access during the two consecutive months to the recordings of all the activities, which will allow access to all the contents of the congress.


Up to 100 contribution proposals are expected to be accepted, which will be presented at 10 thematic tables.. 

Although the final program will be made public after July 31, 2021 (after the deadline for submitting contribution proposals), all changes will be updated on this website as they occur..


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