Identity Fusion Research


Identity fusion is defined as a visceral feeling of oneness with the group, that is associated with increased permeability of the boundary between the personal and social self (Swann, Jetten, Gómez, Whitehouse, & Bastian, 2012).

Recent research has found that identity fusion is related to endorsement of extreme actions for the group, disposition to self-sacrificial behaviors, desire to remain in the group, donation funds to help needy group members, and other pro-group behaviors (Gómez, Morales, Hart, Vázquez, & Swann, 2011; Swann, Gómez, Dovidio, Hart, & Jetten, 2010; Swann, Gómez, Huici, Morales, & Hixon, 2010).



What is the Dynamic Identity Fusion Index?


The Dynamic Identity Fusion Index (DIFI) is a digital version of the prior pictorial item of identity fusion developed by Bill Swann, Ángel Gómez, and colleagues (Swann, Gómez, Seyle, Morales, & Huici, 2009), typically used in paper and pencil surveys.

The DIFI is an alternative instrument to the original pictorial item, and allows for (a) more accurate outputs in a continuous scale, (b) measure of identity fusion within web-based questionnaires, and (c) simultaneous assessment of distance and overlap.





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About the Dynamic Identity Fusion Index (DIFI)

About the Dynamic Identity Fusion Index (DIFI)