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Template Interactive Generator (TIG)
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A template is the representation in the Nichols diagram (or in the Nyquist diagram) of the plant uncertainty at a certain frequency. Templates are used in different robust control techniques, like Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT).

Template Interactive Generator (TIG) is a software tool which supplies assistance to the QFT designer for calculating template boundaries of interval plants, and plants with affine parametric uncertainty in its coefficients. These kinds of plants are very usual in control problems. Besides, TIG can also find the template boundaries associated to other kinds of plants whose templates had been previously computed in Matlab. Thus, TIG is able to cooperatively work with other software tools, like Matlab and QFTIT.

The main fetures of TIG are its ease of use and its interactive nature. All that the end-user has to do is to place the mouse pointer over the different items which the tool displays on the screen. Any action carried out on the screen is immediately reflected on all the graphs generated and displayed by the tool. This allows the user to visually perceive the effects of his or her actions. The tool is available free in the form of an executable file for Windows or Mac based platforms. There is a User Guide which describes in detail the features and the use of TIG. This manual also includes some illustrative examples.

This tool has been developed in SYSQUAKE by Jose Manuel Diaz, Sebastian Dormido and Joaquin Aranda, professors from Departamento de Informática y Automática, UNED (Spain).


  • TIG version 1.0 (Windows)
  • User Guide

  • NEWS

  • July 25th 2006 TIG 1.0 is now avalaible for downloading.


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