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Interactive Tool for Closed Loop Shaping linear control Design

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ITCLSD is a free of charge interactive software tool for closed loop shaping linear control design.

ITCLSD has a nice graphical user interface that allows:
  • Setting graphically the inputs.
  • Setting graphically the structure and parameters of the plant Gn, the filter Q, and the prefilter H.
  • Setting graphically time and frequency specifications.
  • Designing graphically the complementary sensitivity function T or the sensitivity function S (closed loop shaping methodology).
  • Automatic checking of the fulfilment of the specifications.
  • Plotting the frequency response in Bode, Polar or Nichols diagram.
  • Plotting the time response.
  • The main features of ITCLSD are its simplicity, ease of use and interactive nature. Any action carried out on the screen is immediately reflected on all the graphs generated and displayed by the tool. This allows the user to visually perceive the effects of his or her actions.

    ITCLSD has been developed with SYSQUAKE 6.0 by José Manuel Díaz Martínez (UNED-DIA), Ramón Costa Castelló (UPC-ESAII), and Sebastián Dormido Bencomo (UNED-DIA).


  • ITCLSD c20190709 (for Windows 7 or higher)

  • ITCLSD c20190709 (for Mac OS X)


  • ITCLSD User Guide

  • NEWS

  • [July 9, 2019]. A new compilation of ITCLSD is available for downloading. This compilation presents the following improvements:
    - Detected bugs have been fixed.
    - Some minor aesthetic changes have been introduced.

  • [December 11, 2018]. The first compilation of ITCLSD and its user guide are available for downloading.



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  • ITTSAE-TSA (Time Series Analyser)

  • LCSD


  • If you find any bugs, or you have some doubt or suggestion in order to improve the tool, please send an e-mail to


  • If you want to receive an email when a new compilation of ITCLSD is available, send an e-mail to You will be included in the news list of ITCLSD.

  • ITCLSD. Copyright © 2018 Jose Manuel Díaz - Ramón Costa - Sebastian Dormido

    Last update: July 9, 2019