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Niños San Isidro 2007

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29 febrero 2008
D y D Multimedia

Serpiente Glykon



Dinedor Serpent, England

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Bagdad,20-3-02.Sobre la tumba de Sherezade (Fotos Irak 2002);




"Primero te ignoran, luego te descalifican, luego te discuten, y al final afirman que esa idea era suya".

                                  Robert Bauval, corroborada por el Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe, catedrático de matemática aplicada y astrónomo

                                                                        en la Universidad de Cardiff 

                                                                           <<< http://www.baghdadmuseum.org/secret_s/index.<<<<


<1.Corona  de filigrana de oro<<2.Sello de oro <<3. Collar  mágico de oro y ágata << 4.Cinturón de bellotas de oro << 5.Cilindros-sello<6. Espejo bronce y oro     <<<7.Brazalete mágico   <<<  8.Collar  mágico de oro  con cierre de serpientes<< << 9.El demonio Pazuzu << 10.Pie votivo sumerio con seis dedos << 11. Encantamiento contra Lamashtu << 12.  Bowl arameo encantamiento   <<<< 13. Placa del Infierno.Pazuzu <<14. Gorgona Medusa, Siracusa  <<<15.


                                                                                  13.PLACA DEL INFIERNO. PAZUZU. LOUVRE



                                                                                                         Pazuzu's Quest: the fight against Lamashtu

Pazuzu The evil demon-goddess Lamashtu is trying again to destroy the humankind. Only you can stop it with the help of the demon Pazuzu, her most letal enemy. Ten magical plaques, with Pazuzu's image, were spread through Mesopotamia. You have to find them all and compose a protective spell with the 10 words written on each plaque. The rules are very simple and the three most original ones will win gold and camels. Get ready!

Musée du Louvre, Paris, France
Artist/Maker Unknown
Description Protection plaque against Lamashtu [1].Amulet from Mesopotamia. The back of the object shows the body of the male demon Pazuzu, his head peering over the top at the front. At the bottom left, Pazuzu drives Lamashtu back to the Underworld, to which she is lured by offerings. She is standing on her donkey, and both are in her boat on the river to the Underworld. She holds snakes and suckles the usual animals. The registers above show a sick person being attended by healers and protective beings, just above a row of protective spirits, and at the top the symbols of the main Babylonian deities.

Bronze. 13.3 cms high. Dating to around 625-539 B.C.E.).
Drawing © S. Beaulieu, after Black and Green 2003: 181

Neo-Assyrian era

Dimensions 13.80 cm high, 8.80 wide, 2.50 cm deep
Accession number AO 22205
Location Richelieu, Rez-de-chaussée, Mésopotamie - Syrie du Nord. Assyrie : Til Barsip, Arslan Tash, Nimrud, Ninive, Salle 6
Photographer/source Rama


Pazuzu is a demon who protected humans against plague and evil forces. He has a human body with the feet and claws of an eagle, and the head of a monster.

Pazuzu is especially strong at fighting against the powers of the malicious goddess Lamashtu.


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