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FIG. 66.

In this period the coinage reflects the splendour to which Agrigentum had now attained.


ΑΚΡΑ Eagle devouring serpent. Mark of value •• ΣΙΛΑΝΟΣ Crab.
AV wt. 20.4 grs.
[Brit. Mus. Guide, Pl. XVI. 14.]
ΑΚΡ Eagle devouring serpent.
[Strozzi Sale Catal. 1288.]
Crab; below, dolphin.
AV 20.5 grs.


Two eagles standing on a hare on the summit of a mountain; one lifts his head as if screaming, while the other, with wings raised, is about to attack the hare with its beak. Symbol in field: Locust. ΑΚΡΑΓΑΣ Male charioteer driving quadriga. Above an eagle flying with a serpent in its claws. Beneath, a crab (Fig. 66).
AR Dekadrachm, wt. 670 grs.

The finest known specimen of this rare and beautiful coin is in the Munich collection. See Th. Reinach, L'Histoire par les Monnaies, pp. 89-98.


Similar type, sometimes with magistrates’ names ΣΤΡΑΤΩΝ or ΣΙΛΑΝΟΣ. Symbols: locust, bull's head, lion’s head, head of River-god. ΑΚΡΑΓΑΝΤΙΝΟΝ Quadriga driven by winged Nike or by charioteer crowned by flying Nike. Symbols: crab, Skylla, knotted staff or vinebranch, &c. Engraver’s name ΜΥΡ.