El faraˇn Tutankhamon


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.Ancient Egypt WWW Links
1.History of Egypt (from 100,000 BC till present) 2.Ancient Egypt (from the British Museum)
3. History of Ancient Egypt (US Army Manual) 4.Explore the Pyramids of Egypt (from PBS)
5.The Great Pyramid of Giza 6. Egypt Revealed
7.Discovering Archaeology 8.The Pharaonic Village
9.The First Ruling Queen in the World 10.The Temple of Hatshepsut
11.Ancient Egyptian Women Status and Rights 12. Women of Ancient Egypt
13.Ancient Egyptian Medicine and Mummification (interesting photos of mummies) 14.A Woman Called Egypt
15.Writing in Ancient Egypt (The Oldest Writings in the World) 16.Ancient Egypt (from Guardian's Egypt)
17.Ancient Egypt (from Tour Egypt) 18.Ancient Egypt Links (from Tour Egypt)
19.Ancient Egypt (from TeacherNet) 20. Ancient Egypt Links
21. Mathematics in Ancient Egypt 22.Ancient Egyptian Art
23. Hieroglyphs I 24.Hieroglyphs II
25. Learning Hieroglyphs 26.Ancient Egyptian Papyrus
27.The Papyrus Page 28.The Egyptian Book of the Dead
29.The Tomb of Tutankhamen (from National Geographic) 30.Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research
31.Treasures of the Egyptian Museum 32.Egyptian Monuments and Historic Sites



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