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       Revista online de Arqueología e Historia Antigua

Historia Antigua Próximo Oriente  y Egipto I. Ed.Sanz y Torres.
  Los Pueblos del Mar( Cuadro sinóptico) y Los Pueblos del Mar, un enigma histórico

Vida de Alejandro de Plutarco

Ha salido el volumen II de mi libro del Próximo Oriente y Egipto ISBN 84-96094-29-4 y el  III Tomo: El mundo mediterráneo I ( Grecia desde siglo IV-Alejandro Magno-( <----VER PORTADA ) Mundo helenístico-Cartago-República romana).11/03/05
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Web Biographies

Medium and Long Biographies | Pocket Biographies

Medium and Long Biographies

Pothos.orgThomas Wallop William-Powlett's comprehensive Alexander universe. Now has both "active" and "passive" areas; the active area has multiple editors. For many it has become the Alexander site. Check out the white-hot forum (discussion) area. [TOP 5%]

Britannica 11th Edition on Alexander. Article by Bevan. Excellent, if somewhat dated, scholarly overview of his life. The Classical entries from the 11th edition (1910) could be turned into a decent classical encyclopedia. This article is courtesy the Xenophon Group, an site devoted to military history, particularly Russian and Ukranian. The also have the Britannica 11th edition's Peloponnesian War and Xenophon. [TOP 5%]

Alexander the Great History Project by three high school students (Hackney, Eifealdt and Tilsen). Now with snazzy frames format and huge amounts of text, including articles on each of Alexander's battles and a glossary.

Well-organized, accurate biography by Dr. Ellis L. Knox's (Boise State University). Includes nifty pronunciation links like " Epaminondas" but few images.

1st Muse Alexander by John Popovic. The site contains a much decent narrative and some rare images. Nevertheless, it need a good shove into the 21st century. [TOP 5%]

Faisal Khalid's Biography, Hamdard University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Scholarly text but no bibliography; HTML Errors in the notes. [ semi-mirror ]

(Wayback) Alexander the Great: The Path to Deification by Dr. Evangellos Tzahos, a biographic article from Military Review, the official magazine of the Greek Army. Focuses on military aspects. Some erroneous information, e.g. the "royal newspapers."

Brownie's Life of Alexander the Great. Large student site. Some, but not all, of the links go off to other sites (I hate that!). Nevertheless, some good stuff.

Triple biography of Alexander, Philip and Demosthenes from the " Political and Social Ethics of India" by Sanderson Beck.

Character-centered bio of Alexander from "History House." Quotes from Peter Green and others. Broken image. History House wanted me to crack down on a plagiarist, which I have obligingly done. However, although this piece is under an organization's copyright--I presume someone submitted it to them--it's not exactly Britannica-quality stuff.

Medium-length bio of Alexander by Enrique Mallen with some good images. I don't see how this is related to his On-Line Picasso Project.

Alexander Changes the World , a narrative, from Antiquity Online (Frank E. Smitha). Detailed and entertaining. [TOP 5%]

The Journey of Alexander from " Hellas:Net" by Martijn Moerbeek (gorgeous site). See also Macedon and Hellas and King of Asia [TOP 5%]

(Wayback) Macedonia and Greece by "jojo" (From Ancient Vines, which requires registration to access other features.) Alexander's reing until he departed for Persia.

Page by college students Jed Untereker, James Kossuth and Bill Kelsey at Williams College. Not updated since 1996. Some errors, naivete.

"King of Macedon" by Jim Kapsalis and Tom Papadopoulos. Mixed content includes a detailed timeline (original?) and Greek map of ancient and modern Macedonia. Includes the cheezy National Geographic images.

Alexander of Macedon Temple by Oleg Petrov. A nice page with good graphics. Connected to the " Maitreya Sangha Society." The Society also includes such luminaries as "Emperor Akbar, King Solomon, Alexander the Great and Helena Blavatsky." They also venerate Apollonius of Tyana !

Discussion of Alexander's life and his modern biographers (But what is it with the bold type?) from History House.

Adrian Morton's page with short text on Alexander and longer discussion of his mother, Olympias.

The Rise and Fall of Alexander the Great by Tom Syvertson. Somewhat vague, emphasizing character and legacy over history.

Lengthy German biography.

Who was Alexander the Great? from the official Republic of Macedonia history section. The biography, if not the other links, doesn't have much bias. Also includes a nice timeline.

"People to Meet" page on Alexander from Ancient Civilizations.

Another medium-length biography from Political Movers and Shakers of Ancient or Classical Times (Miles H. Hodges)

Silk road foundation's brief biography (Irma Marx).

Lengthy pro-Macedonian biography from "Macedonia for the Macedonians" by Bill Nicholov. Lots of images. And here's a mirror. Other mirrors live and die all the time.

Competent biography with Alexander-was-gay bent (Chris Barber, QX web magazine). Also has great images, including Pompeii fresco.

Seventh-grade Etha's HUGE report on Alexander. How detailed is it? How about three paragraphs on the Myndus episode in his account of siege of Halicarnassus! Alas, the bibliography shows that his writing and organizational skills were stymied by an overreliance on secondary (and often second-rate) sources. That's a real criticism, but one which most websites (let alone websites created by grade-schoolers) hardly merit. Good job!

ZapMe's hyperlinking biography of Alexander by Nora Grasham.

Art-heavy web biography emphasizing his appearance and character. Authored by Barry Stone, who has very many pages touching on topics in art and history.

Brief biography with nice set of links to

Alexander the Great: From History to Eternity, graphic and title stolen from FirstMuse.

Pocket Biographies

Columbia Encyclopedia. Pretty good account.

Encarta, nicely reformatted by Achilles Anastasopooulos.

The Columbia Encyclopedia. (Pretty long, and with intelligent hyperlinks). Also here.

Discovery School. Not kid-pap but an accurate and thoughtful piece by Eugene Borza, an Alexander scholar.

(Wayback) Pocket biography from the " WebChronology Project." Vidljinovic biography has some errors and terminological problems. Alexander did not, for instance, found the "League of Nations."

Henrik Vaglin's short bio, with errors.

"CyberMacedonia" (Igor Petrovski, Tanja Mitrevska, Toni Petrovski, Stevce Sekulovski).

Hyperhistory Alexander page. One thin column on pink background.

Short page from Odyssey Online. With photo of modern bust not elsewhere seen on net.

Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport to Alexander (brief, vague biography)

A library in Alexandria housed the accumulated knowledge of the Greeks. This would become very important in the centuries that followed because Greece and Rome would fall to barbarian tribes would could not read.
Err.. What?'s Alexander and Hellenistics page. No good.

Another pocket biography in the service of commerce. I particularly like "Alexander's army was not prejudice [sic] and gratefully received soldiers of different nationalities." The exact opposite is surely true.

(Wayback) Brief school biography from Unity Point School District #140.'s poor entry.

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