UNED, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Sala “Ángel Sáez Torrecilla”

Senda del Rey, 11. Madrid

September 28th-29th, 2011




September 28th, wednesday.


9:25. Presentation.

9:30. Julian Reiss: Idealisation and the Aims of Economics: Three Cheers for Instrumentalism.

10:30. Ruggero Rangoni: The origins of Money. Realism, Thought Experiments and Computer Simulations

11:00. Coffee-break

11:30. Dieter Bögenhold: Mapping out Real Life: Why Social Network Analysis Bridges Micro and Macro Perspectives

12:00. Marcel Boumans: A methodology for inexact sciences.


13:00. Lunch


16:00. Alexandre Marcellesi: Invariance is not suficient for causal explanation

16:30. Gregor Betz. Policy-relevant possibilities and the economics of the energy sector

17:30. Break.

18:00. Emanuele Bottazzi, Roberta Ferrario: Critical situations from spontaneous to sophisticated social interactions.

18:30. Martin Palecek: Incommensurability and Cultural Relativism within Social Sciences


19:00. End of session.


 September 29th, thursday


9:00. Richard David-Rus: Implementing a contextual approach to explanation

9:30. Thomas Robert: Philosophy and the Origin of Language : Darwinian Linguistics as an Example of the Independence of Social Sciences

10:00. Eleonora Montuschi. Pluralism: a curse or a blessing for social science?

11:00 Coffee break

11:30. Mark Risjord: Improvisation and Joint Action

12.00. Rogier de Langhe: The dynamics of methodological standards

12:30. Laurence Kaufmann: Doing «We». From Experience to Deference.

13.30. End of workshop and lunch.

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Sponsored by: 

- Research grant FFI2008-03607/FISO (“Hacia una nueva fundamentacion de la filosofia de las ciencias sociales”).
- Culturas, Representaciones, Espacios y Prácticas (CREP)