International Master's in Theoretical & Practical Application of
Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation
24th Edition. 2018

Empowering CAE Simulation in the Industry!


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) use is growing widely in today´s manufacturing world.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) use is growing widely in today´s manufacturing world. Its use has enabled designers and engineers to drastically reduce product development cost and time while improving the safety, comfort, and durability of the products they produce. The "real world" predictive capability of CAE tools has progressed to the point where much of the design verification is now done using computer simulations rather than physical prototype testing.

As use of CAE expands, there is a growing need for additional training and certification for both recent technical graduates and working professionals in the proper use and implementation of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in the workplace.

Twenty three years of our FEA Master´s program

ETSII/UNED and Ingeciber began their partnership in 1993 by unifying their wide experience of using numerical analysis methods in different research areas and engineering applications, with the objective of preparing specialists in the use of the Finite Element Method (FEM) and CAE Simulation for practical professional application.

More than 3,300 postgraduates have participated in the Master´s, which clearly demonstrates that the course has obtained wide prestige and recognition over the years.

International FEA Master´s

After 18 editions of the Master´s preparing students from Spain, Portugal and South America, the Master´s started to use English in 2011 and became totally international, reaching students from all around the world.

To reinforce its international presence and to increase the experience accumulated in the use of FEM in the industry, the Master´s counts on Int'l partners such as EnginSoft (Italy), ESTECO (Italy), Metacomp (USA) and NextLimit (Spain).

The Master´s also signed Int'l partnerships to promote the course with different Local Partners in different countries.

We hope that you consider undertaking our world class Master´s Degree course and achieve your full potential.

2018 edition NEWS!

- A new Specialized module for MULTI-OBJECTIVE OPTIMIZATION will be available in 2018. Check the contents here: ModuleO.Student.Guide.REV0.pdf


Master's Global partners:

About UNED
About Ingeciber
About EnginSoft
About Esteco
About Metacomp

Master's Global partners contact details:

Company: UNED University
Contact: Prof. J. J. Benito (

Company: Ingeciber
Contact: Cristina Rodríguez (

Company: EnginSoft
Contact: Livio Furlan (

Company: ESTECO
Contact: Caterina Moro (

Company: Next Limit
Contact: Desirée Camacho (

Company: Metacomp
Contact: Vedat Akdag (

Master's Local partners:

Company: IFS In-Finite Solutions
Country: India
Contact: Sameer Latkar (

Company: ESTEQ Engineering
Country: South Africa
Contact: Paul Naude (

Company: CAE Solution LLC
Country: USA, Bolivia, República Dominicana
Contact: Aneuris Hernández (

Country: Chile
Contact: Isabel Pinto Contador (

Company: Yuma Engineering SC.
Country: México
Contact: Pedro David Bermúdez (

Company: Laudos, Estudos e Projetos Estruturais de Concreto Armado
Country: Brasil
Contact: Arnaldo Calazan (

Company: Cristian Ovalle
Country: Guatemala
Contact: Cristian Ovalle (

Company: Techscience LtD
Country: UK
Contact: Theodore Tsirozidis (

Company: IMEOH
Country: France
Contact: Moulin Jean-Guillaume (

Company: SimuTek
Country: Turkey
Contact: Kadir Özdemir (

Company: Promimarlik
Country: Turkey
Contact: Ahmet Erdem Duran (

Company: Ingeciber
Country: Spain and Other countries
Contact: Cristina Rodríguez (
Master's secretariat Phone: +34 91 386 2222

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RECORDED 18th Oct 2016

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