International Master's in Theoretical & Practical Application of
Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation
22nd Edition. 2016


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) use is growing widely in today´s manufacturing world.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) use is growing widely in today´s manufacturing world. Its use has enabled designers and engineers to drastically reduce product development cost and time while improving the safety, comfort, and durability of the products they produce. The "real world" predictive capability of CAE tools has progressed to the point where much of the design verification is now done using computer simulations rather than physical prototype testing. The industry was expected to grow to over 5 billion/yr. in revenues by 2013.

As use of CAE expands, there is a growing need for additional training and certification for both recent technical graduates and working professionals in the proper use and implementation of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in the workplace.

Twenty one years of our FEA Master´s program

Over the twenty one years of our FEA Master´s programs, more than 3,400 students have graduated and provided us with constant feedback on how we can improve the program year after year. For example, our syllabus has been expanded with new optional specialized modules, enhanced content, as well as an upgraded distance e-learning system. In addition, the latest versions of FEA software are always used, allowing you to bring the most recent technology into use at your job.

International FEA Master's

Furthermore, the Global interest received for this Master´s Program has motivated us to expand this program into English. By partnering with local companies who help support and promote this program within their specific regions, we are making participation and study this program possible from anywhere in the world. Thus demonstrating that UNED´s Master FEA program has obtained worldwide acceptance and prestige.

We welcome you to join us in this 22nd year of the Program.

2016 edition NEWS!

- modeFRONTIER: The student will be able to use modeFRONTIER in the Master's Final Project. modeFRONTIER, developed by ESTECO is an integration platform for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization. More info about modeFRONTIER here.

- CivilFEM powered by Marc professional release: Due to the launch of the first professional release of CivilFEM with Marc the students who choose CivilFEM with Marc in the Construction branch will get 50% discount. More info about CivilFEM at

- ICAEEC - International online CAE Education CENTER : ICAEEC continues improving its training methodology. We have designed a new CivilFEM powered by Marc training course. The course will be always open for registration and beginning. Focused on professional training, as the other ICAEEC courses, the students will have access to all the training materials and direct contact with the tutors (forums, e-mails, phone, etc.) during three months (see Methodology section) any time during the year. It will be available in 2016. More details coming soon! More info about ICAEEC at

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