Course Structure

Each module, except the Master´s thesis, consists of a list of subjects that can be grouped in three types:

1. Foundation Classes: basic and theoretical subjects.

2. Software Application Classes: hands on training using a commercial software program for each module.

3. Problem Application: in this module, you will apply the knowledge acquired in the theoretical classes on real problems through examples and exercises. The objective of these classes is that the students develop the necessary knowledge and skills needed to transfer this into practice their professional lives.

Expert Module (mandatory) - 30 credits

The Expert Module is the foundation module that all students must complete as a pre-requisite to any of the three degrees. Completion of this module is necessary to be awarded the Expert in Theoretical and Practical Application of Finite Element Method degree.

The Expert Module offers two specialized degree branches: The Mechanical Branch and Construction Branch. Each student must choose one path at the beginning of the program. For more information please review the specialized guides for each branch.

Specialized Modules (optional) - 10 credits each module

The Specialized Modules offer a higher degree of focus on various analytical areas of interest. To be awarded the Specialist in Theoretical and Practical Application of Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation degree the student must complete the Expert Module and, at least, one specialized module.

- Module A: Dynamic Analysis - 10 credits
- Module B: Nonlinear Analysis - 10 credits
- Module C: Heat Transfer - 10 credits
- Module E: Steel Structure Advanced Calculation ­ 10 credits
- Module F: Fluid Mechanics - 10 credits
- Module H: Advanced Calculation of Concrete Structures - 10 credits
- Module I: Geotechnics - 10 credits
- Module J: Electromagnetic Analysis - 10 credits
- Module K: Finite Element Analysis of Composite Structures - 10 credits
- Module L: Scientific Programming Language: Python - 10 credits
- Module O: Multi-objective optimization - 10 credits


NOTE: If a module has less than 5 students registered, the module could be suspended.

Specialized Modules Groups for Master degree

The specialized module groups are designed to allow you to pre-select a certain subset of modules around your specific interests. The available groups are as follows:

Mechanical Specialty: Modules A, B, C, F, J, K, L and O (*)(**)
Structural Specialty: Modules A, B, E and L
Construction Specialty: Modules A, B, E, H, I, L and O (*)(***)

(*)To complete a Specialized Module Group the students must choose at least 3 of the available modules.
(**)Module J is available with ANSYS Maxwell
(***) Module I is available with CivilFEM for ANSYS and CivilFEM powered by Marc

Master's Final Project (optional) - 10 credits

Upon the successful completion of the Master´s Thesis after having completed the Expert Module and a minimum of three Specialized Modules (in the same Specialized Module Group), the student will be awarded with the Master's in theoretical and practical application of Finite Element Method and CAE simulation degree.


1. Students must pass each module they enroll in, otherwise, they will need to re-enroll and successfully complete the module.

2. Students can enroll in a maximum of 60 module credits per year. A minimum of, two years is necessary to achieve the Master´s degree.

3. Students need to complete the Expert Module first in order to participate in the Specialized Modules. Furthermore, students must complete the Expert Module and a Specialized Modules Group (with three modules), in order to qualify to take and present the Final Project.

4. Students have the option to enroll in other Specialized Modules of their interest independent of the required Specialized Module Groups.

5. Each module credit requires approximately 15 hours of work at home.



Master's secretariat Phone: +34 91 386 2222

- General Student Guide 2017
- Mechanical branch Guide 2017
- Construction branch Guide 2017

RECORDED 18th Oct 2016

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