Jornadas "Homenaje a Charles Tilly" (mayo de 2009)



International Workshop: Tribute to Charles Tilly. Conflict, Power and Collective Action: Contributions to the Socio-Political Analysis of Contemporary Societies

Sáb, 05/09/2009 - 12:34 — sociologiapolitica

Madrid, 7th and 8th May, 2009
Research Group on Society and Politics
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia


Charles Tilly

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Charles Tilly´s decease, the Research Group on Society and Politics, GESP (UCM-UNED), organizes a workshop on political sociology.

The mentioned workshop is intended as a tribute to the American sociologist, political scientist and historian and it expects to become a space for the discussion of the author´s main ideas and contributions. In this sense, Tilly will appear in the workshop not only as an object of discussion but also as a reference, a point of departure and also as a pretext to think and work on the different subjects, methods and objects of study addressed by the author throughout his career.

Given that, the Research Group on Society and Politics welcome scholars and students to participate in the workshop and to present papers which could contribute to the discussion of the following subjects:

1. The State, “Agent of Government”: this session is focused on the state as the institutional actor of the political contention. Papers are expected to deal with the autonomy and the institutional capacities of the state. Thus, papers focused on the way both autonomy and institutional capacities may condition the type of regime (more or less democratic), citizenship models, social structure (more or less egalitarian) and the construction of confidence networks, are also welcome.

2. Contentious Politics: This session will gather papers related to the analysis of the different dimensions of the so called, contentious politics: collective action, social movements and violence. This discussion is relevant to the analysis of cotemporary dynamics of socio-political change to the extent to which we are facing what seem to be historical changes in the nature of protest. Collective action processes related to demands of inclusion, the emergence of new forms of mobilization, new forms of violence or the so called transnationalization, internalization and diffusion of social movements are some of the challenges raised by the impact of glo-cal dynamics in the field of contention.

3. Methods for the Socio-Political Analysis of Historical Events: This session will gather papers related to the discussion of methods for the socio-political analysis. The goal is to motivate a debate on the usefulness and pertinence of different methodological issues addressed by Tilly, paying special attention to big processes, comparative methods, case studies and the relevance of the “event” or “fact” in social science research.


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