Jose M. Labeaga

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Position: Full Professor.

Teaching (UNED): Microeconomic Theory. Consumption and Microeconometrics (Master Degree), Design and Evaluation of Public Policies (Master Degree)

Teaching (Others): Doctorate in Economics, Management and Organization (Business Economics)

Phone: + 34 91 398 78 11

Fax: + 34 91 398 63 39


Address: Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, UNED. Departamento de Análisis Económico II, Office 2.26. Paseo Senda del Rey 11. 28040 Madrid (Spain)

Research: Member of the group CONSOLIDER. Consolidating Economics is the only project on Social Sciences funded by the Plan Nacional de I+D+i within Ingenio program belonging to the European Space for Research. 

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"Estimation of price elasticity with incomplete information", (with X. Labandeira and X. López),  Energy Economics, 34, 627-633, 2012.
"Deprivation using satisfaction measures in Spain: An evaluation of unemployment benefits", (with J:A. Molina y M. Navarro), Journal of Policy Modeling, 33, 287-310, 2011.
"Housing deprivation and health status: evidence from Spain", (with L. Ayala and C. Navarro), Empirical Economics, 38, 555-582, 2010.
"An integrated economic and distributional analysis of energy policies", (with X. Labandeira and M. Rodríguez), Energy Policy, 37, 5776-5786, 2009.
"Discrete choice models of labour supply, behavioural microsimulation and the Spanish tax reforms", (with X. Oliver and A. Spadaro), Journal of Economic Inequality , 6, 247-273, 2008.
"A method for evaluating the excess associated to the characteristics of the goods", (with A. Bilbao and C. Bilbao),  Economics Letters, 96, 209-214, 2007.
"A sequential model of older workers' labor force transitions after a health shock", (with S. Jiménez-Martín and C. Vilaplana-Prieto), Health Economics, 15, 1033-1054, 2006.
"Consumption and habits: Evidence from panel data", (with R. Carrasco and J.D. López-Salido), The Economic Journal, 115, 144-165, 2005.


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