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Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Renaissance Studies




Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED),

Madrid, 23rd-25th March 2011.


Faces, Façades and Frontispieces:

Public and Private Selves in Early Modern Culture


PROGRAMME. Updated on Monday, 21st March 2011. 20:30.


Wednesday, 23rd March 2011




Registration. Theatre lobby.



Opening Ceremony. Room B.



Coffee Break, Theatre lobby.



Opening Plenary lecture. Room B.


Juan Antonio Prieto Pablos. Universidad de Sevilla:

"Women in Breeches and Modes of Masculinity in Restoration Comedy" Chair: Rui Carvalho Homem.






Parallel Sessions


Room A Room B Room 619


Chair: Antonio Ballesteros.


Keith Gregor, Elena Bandín, and Juan F. Cerdá. Universidad de Murcia: "SHAKREP: Database of Shakespearean Performances in Spain".


Eoin Price. Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham:"'Private, or open Audience': A New Perspective on the Public and Private Theatres".



Francesca C. Rayner. Universidade do Minho, Portugal: "Onstage / Offstage Intersections: Women in Portuguese Performances of Shakespeare 1990-2010".



Chair: Isabel Soto.


Primavera Cuder. Universidad de Jaén:

"The Representation of the Moor in Shakespeare's Othello and Titus Andronicus, and Thomas Dekker's Lust's Dominion".


Luciano García García. Universidad de Jaén: "'Put the Moors habits on, and paint your faces with the oil of hell': The Representation of Blackness as Damnation in English Dramatic Texts from 1500 to 1660".


José Ruiz Mas. Universidad de Granada: "The Fall of Famagusta and the Development of the Turkish Black Legend in the English Literature of the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries".


Representations of Monarchy.

Chair: Pilar Cuder Domínguez.


Eleonora Oggiano. Universitá degli Studi di Verona: "Between Public and Private: Elizabeth I and the Rhetoric of Diminutio".


Maria de Jesus Crespo Candeias Velez Relvas. Universidade Aberta: "Reading Between the Jewels: Power, Majesty, and Sovereignty in the Portraits of Elizabeth I".


Efrosini Botonaki / Ευφροσύνη Μποτονάκη, Ελληνικό Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο  (Hellenic Open University): "The Stuart Court Masques: Royal Self-Display and Self-Enclosure".


Vino español (Wine reception), Theatre lobby




 Parallel Sessions


Room A Room B

Manuscript and Print.

Chair: Jesús López-Peláez Casellas.


María Jesús Pérez Jáuregui. Universidad de Sevilla: "Burning the Heretic: Conscientious Revision in Henry Constable's 'Falselye doth envie of youre praises blame'".


Antonio Roso Ponce. Universidad de Sevilla: "From Manuscript to Print: The Case of Wyatt's 'My love took scorn my service to retain'".

Round Table.



Ángeles de la Concha, Antonio Ballesteros González, Marta Cerezo Moreno, and Jesús Cora Alonso. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED): "In bloody death and ravishment delighting': The Representation of Gender Violence in English Renaissance Texts".


Coffee Break, Theatre lobby





 Parallel Sessions


Room A Room B

Shakespeare on Film and TV.

Chair: Manuel Gómez Lara.


Rosa M.ª García Periago. Universidad de Sevilla: "The Departure from Shakespeare and Colonialism: A Case Study of Vidhu Vinod Chopra's 1942: A Love Story (1994)".


Douglas M. Lanier. University of New Hampshire. "Othello's True Identity and True Identity's Othello".


Ágnes Matuska. Szegedi Tudómany Egyetem (University of Szeged): "Meanings of Play in Love's Labour's Lost".


Memory and Passions

Chair: Jesús Cora Alonso.


Rory V. Loughnane. Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland: "The Arts of Remembrance and Recovering Intended Reception".



Andrew Power. Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland: "Remembering Richard II: Refracted History in Shakespeare's Richard II".


Rafael Vélez Núñez. Universidad de Cádiz: "Conflicting Passions in William Davenant's The Rivals (1668)".


Plenary Lecture, Room B.


Gail K. Paster. Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC, USA:

"The Ecology of the Passions in Shakespeare". Chair: Marta Cerezo Moreno.




Meeting point at the Edificio de Humanidades main entrance to go to the city centre for the Visiting Tour activity.


20:30 Visiting Tour "Madrid de los Austrias" ("Habsburgs Madrid"), "tapas" night. Meeting point at Plaza de la Villa.







Thursday, 24th March 2011






Parallel Sessions


Room A Room B Room 619

Sex, Gender, and the Literary Canon.

Chair: Marta Cerezo Moreno.


Pilar Cuder Domínguez. Universidad de Huelva: "Book Presentation: Stuart Women Playwrights 1613-1713. London: Ashgate, 2010.


Susana Paula Magalhães Oliveira. Universidade de Lisboa: "Women's Renaissance: Women's Renaissance: The Private and the Public Spheres".


Reception Studies.

Chair: Dídac Llorens Cubedo.


Santiago Bautista Martín. Universidad de Salamanca: "The Elotian Concept of Metaphysical Poetry: The Tension Between   Passio and Ratio".


Francisco José Borge López. Universidad de Oviedo: "'It is I that am the right Sancho Pansa, that can tell many tales': Thomas Shelton's Translation of Don Quixote (1612 / 1620".



Chair: Jesús Tronch Pérez.


María José Díez García. Universidad de Salamanca: "Much Ado about Basra: Roy William's Retort to Shakespeare".


Francisco Fuentes Rubio. Universidad de Murcia: "Shakespeare's Pending Tray: Commemorating and Rewriting Shakespeare in the 1960s".



Coffee Break, Theatre lobby



Plenary Lecture, Room B


Stephen Orgel. Stanford University, California, USA:

"Seeing Through Costume". Chair: Antonio Ballesteros González.



13:00 Lunch break.



Plenary Lecture, Roomo B.


Coppélia Kahn. Brown University, Rhode Island, USA:

"Reading Faces in Hamlet". Chair: Ángeles de la Concha Muñoz.




Parallel Sessions


Room A Room B Room 619

Death, Culture, and Texts.

Chair: Jorge Figueroa Dorrego..


Juan Manuel Castro Carracedo. Universidad de Salamanca: "Speculum mortis or Spectaculum mortis? Deathbed Attendance in the Ars moriendi Tradition".


Dídac Llorens Cubedo. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED): "Exploring a Shakespearean Citation": Mrs. Death, Mrs. Dalloway, and Cymbeline".

Elizabeth I.

Chair: Douglas M. Lanier.


Boris Drenkov. Universität Siegen: "The Performance of the Queen's Voice: Private and Public Discourses in the Writings of Elizabeth I".


Manuel Gómez Lara. Universidad de Sevilla: "'Intrigues laid open': Continental Influences and Elizabeth I's Embodiment of Affective Feminity".


Paula de Pando Mena. Universidad de Sevilla: "Elizabeth I, Between the Woman and the Myth: Private and Public Selves in John Banks's The Unhappy Favourite (1681)".

Feelings, Tears, and Texts.

Chair: María Beatriz Pérez Cabello de Alba.


Jorge Casanova García. Universidad de Huelva: "Reading Tears and Seeing Emblems in Crashaw's 'The Weeper'".


José Luis Oncins Martínez. Universidad de Extremadura: "News, Tidings, Tears, and Water: Some Notes on a Feature of Shakespeare's Style".


María Teresa González Mínguez. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED): "Feeling is First: On How e. e. cummings Recreates Shakespeare and Campion".



Coffee Break, Theatre lobby.



Asamblea General de Socios de SEDERI (SEDERI AGM), Room B.




Concert: The Willow Ensemble, Theatre (Salón de Actos)



Meeting at the Humanities Building (Edificio de Humanidades) entrance to walk to the restaurant.


21:15 Conference Dinner: Bokado, Museo del Traje.







Friday, 25th March 2011






Plenary Lecture, Room B.


Graham Holderness. University of Hertforshire, UK:

"'The Mind's Construction': Biography and Shakespeare's Face". Chair: Jesús Cora Alonso.




Coffee Break, Theatre lobby.



Parallel Sessions


Room A Room B Room 619

Texts and Print.

Chair: José Luis Oncins Martínez


Alan F. Hickman. American University in Bulgaria: "Looking Before and After: Prologues and Epilogues in the Plays of Shakespeare".


Jesús Tronch Pérez. Universitat de València. "Uses of Hamlet  Spanish Nineteenth-Century Journals and Newspapers".


María José Gómez Calderón. Universidad de Sevilla: "Becoming a(n) (Early) Modern Reader: Genre Adaptation and the Impact of the Printing Press".

Blood, Difference, and Power.

Chair: Rafael Vélez Núñez.


Jesús López-Peláez Casellas. Universidad de Jaén: "Paradoxing the Alien: the Morisco in Early Modern English Texts".


Eroulla Demetriou. rancisco José Borge López. Universidad de Jaén: "'Rotten from the Root': Spanish Genealogy According to English Anti-Spanish Pamphleteers During the Spanish Match Negotiations (1617-1624)".


Rui Carvalho Homem. Universidade do Porto: "'Sordid wealth', 'adulterate blood': Anxieties of Power and Sex in Philip Massinger".


Laughter, Foolishness, and Comedy.

Chair: Maria de Jesus Crespo Candeias Velez Relvas.


Jorge Figueroa Dorrego. Universidade de Vigo. "Gelotophobia in Early Modern Culture: The Case of Alexander Oldys's The Fair Extravagant (1682)".


Ángeles Tomé Rosales. Universidade de Vigo: "'Only for his pleasure; for there is some in laughing at fools': Enjoying Laughter in William Wycherley's The Plain Dealer (1676)".


Cinta Zunino Garrido. Universidad de Jaén: "When Imagination Fails: Ralph Roister Doister, or 'a brainsick fool'".



Closing Plenary Lecture, Room B.


Andreas Höfele. Universität Ludwig-Maximilians München, Munich, Germany:

"Facing the Beast: Human-Animal Border Traffic in Shakespeare's Theatre". Chair: Clara Calvo López.




Closing Session, Room B.



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